“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

William Shakespeare


the money movie still image ryan smiling


Marcus Haccius

Ryan is an immature, fun loving guy, looking to make something of himself. Currently “flipping burgers” as a full time gig, Ryan decides to take on a new challenge while encountering some hurdles along the way.

the money movie still image amber smiling


Chandler Loryn

Amber is Ryan’s sweet, innocent, and sometimes edgy girlfriend. Through hard work and dedication, Amber has started a new career in marketing while juggling all of the everyday routines for the both of them. Although she supports Ryan, concerns arise as he takes on new career paths of his own.

the money movie still image Heidi


Melinda Michael

A sexy bartender at the local ‘Underground’, poker club, Heidi is flirtatious, smart, witty and loves to party. Heidi takes an interest in Ryan as he gets accustomed to his new surroundings.
the money movie still image bruno


Brian Carleton

Bruno, an Irish mobster, is the owner of the ‘Underground’ poker club. Bruno runs a tight ship, keeping a close eye on all that goes on in his establishment.

the money movie still image nick heath


Heath Horejda

Nick is a friend of Ryan’s from College. He is established, mature, and has no issues with money. Nick loves playing poker, inviting friends over for cash games, and is a regular at the ‘Underground’. When Ryan needs a hand, Nick is always there to back him up.

the money movie still image big lou

“Big Lou”

Kathryn Aboya

When people see “Big Lou” at the table, they know they’re in for a challenge. Lou might not be the most intimidating player, so she lets her game do the talking instead.